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Migrant Journal at HTN

Migrant Journal at HTN
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"Migrant Journal; in its editorial curation, in its materiality, layout and graphic language is idiosyncratic. It is fascinating in its complete commitment to presenting itself as a product of now. But in its specificity, as a total project that proposes a worldview (a way of seeing and understanding things), as perhaps an example of Gesamtkunstwerk in its bringing together of multiple disciplines and disciplinarians, guarantees itself something of a legacy" - Richard Baird

Migrant Journal is quite a force when it comes to magazines/journals today.  Only a 6 issue publication (#3 and #4 are available HERE) it guarantees that each issue is completed to the best possible standard, leaving you waiting and wondering what is going to come next - and reveling in the chance of being able to read it while you can (and if they are still available). At its very least, we consider each issue a snapshot of our perspective today and a collectors item for truly passionate Bibliophilia's.


A sneak peek inside the latest issue:



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