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NEW IN: Better Living with Alpacas

NEW IN: Better Living with Alpacas
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I've never NOT regretted purchasing 20 Alpaca calendars more than I do NOT regret this. Even if no one buys one, then I'll have 20 Alpaca Calendars spread throughout my life and that is A-OK. When I first saw one of these photos from the calendar, I casually threw it up on Instagram because it made me happy and I wanted all of my Instagram followers to feel happy too - I had no idea then about the photographer behind the image or that it was even a calendar! Then, as what often happens with fate and destiny - I ran in to it again and investigated the whole back story and I was in love. Are you?

"Their positive energy is from outer space. When I first met them, I drove out from the city to meet up with them and was still stressed out from everyday work. But when I looked into their smiling faces, I felt a big relief and had to smile back at them. I could not think about anything more beautiful than sharing that experience with as many people as possible through my calendar hanging in their kitchen and making their lives a bit happier every day."

Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek is a photographer based in Berlin and Vienna. You might know him through his "Jumping Cats" series or his award winning book, "The World We Live In"? If you know him and you can go check these out...but FIRST...some important points from an interview with Daniel by Charles Caesar of Office Magazine. 

Interesting Facts from an Interview with the Photographer

  • The pictures were all taken in amazingly designed spots by architects like Adolf Loos and Mies van der Rohe
  • The alpacas CHOSE the locations, they just naturally gravitated there.
  • Alpacas only want their photos taken in astonishing places.
  • The alpacas attend a school called Senninghof in Austria
  • Should we take a field trip?
  • Their fur is flame and water resistant
  • They come in 22 colors
  • They can live to be 25 years old

"Alpacas are always positive and smile all day long. They transport their positive energy to others and make them feel better. If we would take care of each other a bit more and face each other with a friendly disposition, it would be a better world for all of us" - Daniel

You can read the complete interview by Office Magazine HERE and you can purchase the calendar HERE.



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