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Supporting Creators

Supporting Creators
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I recently ran in to this short essay by Seth Godin on called “why we don’t have nice things” and it helped to define a little in my head this need I have to share/support certain creators (and to open a store with this goal). Im a social worker by education and I know that at the end of the day “things” are not so important, but I also unshakably love beautiful design and if I purchase something I try so hard to purchase it from someone who feels the same. And I love spreading this mindset; to purchase well when we purchase and to keep it in the realm of supporting other people like us – to know where our money is going – “which means buying it and consuming it with the very same care it was created with”. If I’m going to dedicate So much to this space/store I hope I can at least try to convey “why” and this is a start..


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