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Welcome to our Online Pop-Ups!  Each week we collaborate with a new independent brand and introduce them to the Hey That's Nice Family.  You'll get to shop their items PLUS hear their story PLUS support emerging design and creators! We hope you enjoy the pop-ups and appreciate what each brand has to offer in terms of new design, sustainability and overall good vibes.


Let us get scientific and real about our skin here with Canada based brand, Etymologie.  Etymologie was founded by Raquela Cheesmond and was born out of her passion for sustainability, green beauty...and science.  It all started while she was studying biochemistry and food science in Montreal.  Next came her skin care brand - and the 4 products that you see below - all vegan and cruelty free...all designed as sustainably as possible and all designed to give the utmost nutrition and healing to your skin.

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