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Point 51 X Issue 2

Point 51 X Issue 2
Point 51 X Issue 2
Point 51 X Issue 2
Point 51 X Issue 2
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Point 51 is a start-up print magazine of long-form journalism and documentary photography that focuses on contemporary social and political issues across Europe.

The newest issue of the magazine – "Britain" – focuses on the UK at a time of unprecedented global attention. It includes seven features laid out over 152 pages with 105 photographs, and includes work by contributors based in Berlin, Bulgaria, London, Dublin and Zagreb. The stories and photographs inside stretch across the UK, throwing light on how Britain got to where it is today – and where it might be heading in the future.


  • In London, meet the changemakers at the forefront of the new wave of climate activism as the future of the planet competes with Brexit for attention.
  • Travel to the exact locations of some of the most important events in Britain’s modern history to see them as they are today.

  • Head to Port Talbot in Wales, one of Britain’s last surviving steel towns, to meet the people determined to see the town reinvent itself.
  • In Bulgaria, meet some of the British immigrants who have made one of the EU’s poorest member states their home.

  • Journey to Scotland to meet the man who stole a symbolic stone from Westminster Abbey in 1950 and brought it back home in the name of Scottish nationalism, sparking a nation-wide manhunt.
  • Across the Irish Sea, travel to Dublin and Belfast – and the towns in between – to talk to people worried about the return of a “hard border” – and the possibility of armed conflict too.
  • Head to Albania, a country hoping to join the EU as Britain prepares to leave, challenging the idea that geography alone can make one “European”.

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